Ti Top Island

Ti Top Island

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If you’ve ever seen a picture of Halong Bay, probably it was taken from the top of Ti Top Island. While it is a steep climb of a few hundred steps to the observation deck on the summit of Ti Top moutain that reveals a panoramic view of Halong Bay – it is still definitely worth the effort. The 360° view is nothing short of breathtaking, which you can spend an hour or more at the summit viewing and photographing Halong Bay.

Ti Top Island is visited by thousands of tourists daily, and is on Lavender Cruises itineraries, with a beneficial reason: for many this is one of the highlights of their Halong Bay experience. Even more, after climbing, you can reward yourself with a cool, refreshing dip in the waters of Halong Bay.

The beach on the island is one of the most organised in all of Halong Bay for tourists, with deck chairs, cool drinks, souvenirs, and fresh water showers available. You can swim or sunbathe, or spend some time relaxing in deck chair, sipping on a coconut and people watching.

Ti Top was named after a visit of the famous Russian cosmonaut, Gherman Stepanovich Titov. He was the second person to orbit the earth and the first to spend an entire day in space on 6 August 1961, aboard Vostok 2, preceded by Yuri Gagarin on Vostok 1.

Gherman Titov visited the island on 22 Jan 1962, accompanied by President Ho Chi Minh. Uncle Ho decided to change the name of the island from Cat Nang to Ti Top to commemorate the relationship between Russia and Vietnam as well as the occasion. In the centre of the island is a commemorative stone stelae and Titov monument, a 26 tonnes block of bluestone, 6 metres height. Titov returned to Halong Bay on 22 June 1997 and wrote: “My deepest thanks to destiny, which has allowed me to come back to this tiny island.”

The location of Ti Top Island

Ti Top is located in the centre of Halong Bay, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam, 12 km south-east of Tuan Chau Marina, 8 km south of Bai Chay.

Traveller reviews

Well worth the climb

Heads up! It will take you about 400 steep steps to get to the top of the island, but I can guarantee the view won’t disappoint you. I came up for the sunset and witnessing the sun hiding itself behing enormous limestones of Halong Bay was spectacular. Best place for your instagram post!

Brice Khan – Singapore

Breathtaking view of HaLong Bay

Just so you know it’s not gonna be a hidden place with no tourists at all. Sure it’s crowded. But when you go pass that and a few hundreds of steps, a 360 view of the whole Ha Long Bay will amaze you with its heavenly beauty. Should totally include Ti Top Island in your initiary.

Brice Hyde – Canada

A beautiful gem in the middle of Ha Long Bay

There’s a small part of island where you’re able to swim in the sky blue water. If you’r fit enough and want to excercise a bit then don’t hesitate to clim to the top of the island to get the bird view of the whole island. It’s truly exceptional! From this view you’ll have a clear sight of the enormous number of limstones karst around the Bay which is unbelievable.

Jakob Seitz – Germany

Right time to visit

Ti Top Island and beach are year-round attractions. The first peak season runs from June to July, most of travellers are Vietnamese and Asian. The second peak season runs from December to February, most of travellers come from Europe, America and other countries in frigid and temperate zone. The first off-peak season runs from April to May and the second runs from August to October. If you are considering visiting this island during the second peak season, you should note that prices are generally higher and availability may be an issue, so book your excursion early to secure the best price and avoid disappointment.

The busiest times are Tết (Vietnamese New Year in Jan/Feb, dates vary), 30th April (Reunification Day), 1st May (International Workers’ Day) and Christmas Day. Independence Day September 2nd is a national public holiday, you may experience a red bay with many Vietnam flags on the way to Ti Top. Halong Carnaval is an annual event organised for travellers, this street festival taking place at the end of April or/and start of May in Ha Long City..

Opening hours:

Summer: 8h00 – 17h00 | Winter: 8h30 – 16h30

Travel time Popularity Hight/Low (Celsius) Sunshine hours Humidity
January ⛴⛴⛴ 20° / 15° 8 60%
February ⛴⛴⛴ 21° / 15° 9 70%
March ⛴⛴ 25° / 18° 9 80%
April 30° / 22° 10 70%
May 32° / 24° 10 70%
June ⛴⛴⛴ 34° / 26° 12 60%
July ⛴⛴⛴ 34° / 26° 12 60%
August 32° / 24° 10 80%
September 30° / 22° 10 70%
October 27° / 20° 9 70%
November ⛴⛴ 25° / 18° 8 60%
December ⛴⛴⛴ 21° / 15° 8 60%

How to visit Ti Top Island

Excursion to Ti Top is available in most of Halong Bay tours, both day trip and overnight boat tour. Check out the first-rate recommendations for overnight cruises and cruise tours, select the best one for your vacation, fully enjoy the island, beach as well as amazing Halong Bay.

For the time poor traveller, a day cruise will give visitors a delightful experience of the island, beach and Halong Bay. Options include a half day and full day cruise.

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