Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay

Things to do - general

All Things Need To Know Before Travelling To Lan Ha Bay

Located in the south of Ha Long Bay and east of Cat Ba Island. Lan Ha Bay has an area of more than 7,000 hectares with the spectacular beauty of about 400 large and dense islands, with many interesting shapes. Unlike Ha Long Bay, all the islands in Lan Ha Bay are covered with green trees, even though they are tiny islands.

How Lan Ha Bay Is Unique?

Although not known by many tourists. Lan Ha Bay is considered one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam. When the weather comes in autumn. It is also the time when Lan Ha Bay is the most beautiful with pale sunlight, not hot, gentle with the cool breeze of the ocean, making visitors feel comfortable while riding a boat and admire the bay.

Top Things To Do In Lan Ha Bay

Located adjacent to Ha Long Bay, but Lan Ha still has its own unique beauty completely different from Ha Long. You can also combine travelling from Lan Ha Bay to visit tourist destinations by the Ha Long Bay.

1. Luon Cave

Luon cave is located on Bo Hon island, in front of the cave is Con Rua island, and on the right is Heaven Gate. Here the cliff stands up, four seasons the water is clear and blue as a mirror. The cave always attracts visitors not only by its unique shape but also by the attractive and harmonious natural scenery.

2. Nam Cat Island

Nam Cat Island attracts tourists by its wild features, four natural surfaces, and exotic forest cover.

From Ben Beo, about 15 minutes by boat. You will reach Nam Cat Island. Because of its pristine beauty, visitors here always enjoy peaceful feelings. Human intervention on this island is minimized to preserve natural value. With 3 large wooden houses on stilts and 6 guesthouses made from bamboo, resting here you will be immersed in the nature and atmosphere of the sea. In addition, on the island, there is a full range of services for tourists, from beaches, kayaking, scuba diving, fishing … to campfire activities, group activities at night.

3. Monkey Island (Cat Pineapple Island)

To reach Monkey Island, tourists usually take a boat from Ben Beo. Which takes about 10 minutes to go through Cai Beo fishing village and some small islands. In the past, Monkey Island was called Cat Dua Island because there were many wild pineapple trees with fruit that looked delicious but could not be eaten. Currently, the name of the island is often called Monkey Island. The reason is that on the island there are more than 20 monkeys released by the forest rangers of Cat Ba National Park here. They often go to the beach to play with tourists, eat food given by tourists such as bananas, apples, tangerines, candies … funny monkeys play, climb, create an impression for those who have come here and gradually it is known as Monkey Island.

4. Van Boi Beach

This is a destination chosen by tourists for kayaking as well as swimming because it is located in the calm part of the bay, cool blue water and beautiful landscapes.

5. Turtle Island

Is a small island in the Lan Ha Bay complex with a shape like a turtle swimming on the water. It is located close to Ben Beo route to Viet Hai village.

6. Chuong Island

Hon Chuong also has a number of other names such as Hon But, Candles, and Corn Bananas. It is a small island on the way from Cat Ba to Cua Van fishing village.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Lan Ha Bay?

With a cool and fresh climate. Tourists can travel to Lan Ha Bay at any time of the year. However, domestic tourists often travel to Lan Ha Bay from April to October, while international visitors often visit Lan Ha from November to March.

How To Get There?

Lan Ha Bay – Cat Ba is under the management of Hai Phong where the transportation system is quite convenient. Here are some suggestions for you to get to Lan Ha Bay easier and more convenient:

– Road: With the investment in and putting into the Hanoi – Hai Phong expressway system It is very convenient to go by car to  Ben Tuan Chau. It only takes 2.5 hours from Hanoi to Tuan Chau wharf where Aspira Cruises are waiting for you. In addition to this expressway, you can take the old Highway 5 or route 18 (it will take more time). Currently, there are many bus companies serving the delegation along the Hanoi – HaLong

Recommended Accommodation

You spend one or two wonderful nights on cabin of Aspira Cruises in LanHa Bay

What To Eat?

Lan Ha Bay is a marine tourist area. So the delicious dishes and famous specialities in Lan Ha Bay are main dishes made from seafood such as lobster, sea crab, seaweed, tu comedy, sea snakes … There are many delicious dishes for visitors to enjoy, including some of the most delicious and attractive dishes in Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba such as Fried crab with salt, sea sam grilled, baked lobster with egg sauce, poached lobster with wine, grilled shrimp, steamed shrimp,…

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